What is biogas upgrading?

Through biogas upgrading, trace impurities in the biogas stream are removed. Additionally, carbon dioxide (CO₂) is separated from methane (CH₄) to produce pipeline-spec renewable natural gas (RNG). This RNG is suitable for injection into the natural gas grid and/or direct use for vehicle fuel.

Is renewable natural gas clean?

biogas from different sources creates renewable energy through renewable natural gas (rng)

Renewable natural gas (RNG), also known as biomethane, creates a local resource of renewable energy. The benefits of RNG include:

Environmental Benefits. RNG reduces greenhouse gas emissions, pathogen levels, nutrient runoff, and odor. RNG also increases crop yield.

Economic Benefits. RNG creates green jobs both temporary and permanent. Most importantly, RNG converts gas normally flared into the atmosphere or waste into a revenue-stream. Economic benefits include improving rural infrastructure as well as diversifying rural income streams. RNG can also operate in conjunction with composting operations.

Energy Security. RNG increases our domestic production of non-fossil fuel energy. There are multiple end-use applications for RNG such as heat only, electric only, CHP, pipeline injection, or transportation fuel.

Waste Treatment Management. RNG improves the natural waste treatment process. RNG also creates a smaller physical footprint. It reduces the volume of transport and land application.

Biogas Upgrading to Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

DMT Clear Gas Solutions offers the Carborex®MS, high-selective membrane separation technology for biogas upgrading. The modular system upgrades biogas into RNG (also known as biomethane), which can be either injected into the natural gas pipeline or compressed into vehicle fuel. Historically, DMT’s Carborex®MS in Poundbury was the first commercial biogas upgrading system in the UK, as well as the first RNG site in Europe. Now, we are one of the largest producers of biogas upgrading facilities with more than 50 operational sites worldwide. 

carborex membrane separation technology for biogas upgrading
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