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Biogas upgrading (or renewable natural gas) is a new, advancing field in the United States’ renewable energy sector. Advance your career with a RNG industry leader and join DMT today. We offer a dynamic working environment with opportunities for travel, growth and development as well as a competitive market-level salary and excellent benefits, including generous PTO, health insurance and a 401(k) plan.

  • competitive market-level salary
  • excellent benefits
  • dynamic working environment

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Internship Opportunities

DMT’s Oregon office offers paid internships ranging from process engineering to marketing and communications. We offer students an opportunity to invest in their future by giving them work experience and by teaching them more about the career path they are pursuing. By interacting with professionals, interns gain new connections and learn how to communicate and network within the professional environment. Our internships provide students with the building blocks needed to create a strong resume, such as working on a project site or maximizing search engine optimization (SEO). Explore your future with us!

Student testimonies on their internship experience:

“The team at DMT-CGS brought me on a month after I obtained my Chemical Engineering undergraduate degree. For the three-month internship that I had with the team at DMT-CGS, I did good work, got great feedback, and felt welcomed by the team.

As an intern I learned much about the work environment around process engineering. I toured one of the out-of-state plants, shadowed a process engineer, and even worked on some projects that would help with the company’s future works.

Their social events during the summer were great for team building. While I was with DMT-CGS, my coworkers were friendly, respectful, and understanding. They all helped me learn more about the field and what it means to be an engineer. The company was understanding with COVID-19 restrictions and allowed employees to work from home if they needed to. I would love to work with them again.”

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Beo S.

Process Engineer Internship, 2021

“My Electrical Engineering internship at DMT was a great experience. I spent the first month and a half researching, procuring and ordering parts to upgrade to higher safety standards on one of our most challenging projects to date! I then went to site to get hands on experience both installing and testing these parts.

During the five weeks I spent on site, I got to see a construction site basically come to life. It greatly improved my understanding of project management and will further help me in the future design of project timelines, setting up work schedules and engineering design.

The team at the Tualatin office was great to work with, incredibly welcoming and inclusive and gave the perfect amount of support and explanation when needed. Not only would I see DMT as a great place to work in the future, but they are also achieving great things in terms of progressing the renewable energy field.”

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Dylan W.

Electrical Engineer Internship, 2019

“My engineering internship at DMT Clear Gas Solutions was rewarding in every way.

At DMT, I had the opportunity to spend time on site helping commission two of their latest biogas plants.

The management team gave me the room I needed to take responsibility and really make an impact — while the whole DMT team provided support in every way imaginable.

In my short time here, I’ve developed a significantly better understanding of process and control systems engineering, and along the way, I’ve been lucky enough to meet a variety of industry professionals and work with some extremely talented individuals from the DMT team.”

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Philippe H.

Process Engineer Internship, 2018

Business Philosophy: Big 5 for Life

DMT believes a company thrives when its employees are self-motivated, enjoy what they do and have a positive work-life balance. That’s why we incorporate John P. Strelecky‘s “Big 5 for Life” in our core philosophy.

Through the Big 5, we ask our employees to evaluate what brings them purpose–whether it’s personally or professionally–because, ultimately, this is what one should spend their time and energy on. We believe that if the employee’s purpose(s) align(s) with our Big 5, then the employee should feel more fulfilled, self-aware and self-motivated to perform to their best capabilities.

What’s your Big 5?

DMT DEIB Committee Logo

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

In 2020, DMT started the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) Committee in an effort to act on our Big 5, or purpose for existing. In conjunction with leadership, the committee determines goals and promotes best practices on topics affecting DEIB. These topics include but are not limited to recruitment, retention, training and leadership diversity.

Theo Zuijdwijk, CEO

Theo Zuijdwijk, CEO

Theo is an entrepreneurial, highly driven executive with decades of international experience in general management, finance, IT, M&A, strategic planning and organizational restructuring. As our leader, Theo’s focus is to enhance our offering by broadening our integrated solutions as well as providing superior customer service and project execution.

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