DMT Environmental Technology appointed Stephen McCulloch as UK Business Director

As of the 1st of November Stephen McCulloch is appointed Business Director for DMT Environmental Technology to cover and further develop the UK market. The prime goal is twofold; Stephen is going to grow the market for resource recovery and strengthen DMT service ability for current biogas upgrading projects. “I believe joining DMT as UK Business Director, brings together the perfect partnership of experience and market intelligence”, according to Stephen McCulloch.

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DMT Clear Gas Solutions, a global biogas and landfill gas upgrading solutions provider will install the first biogas upgrading system using high selective membranes in Hawaii. Gas utility, Hawaii Gas has selected DMT Clear Gas Solutions as their technology provider to build the biogas upgrading plant at the Honouliuli Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP).
Domestic waste water has increasingly become a resource for energy production. The use of domestic waste water as a source of energy, through the anaerobic conversion of the wastewater’s
organic sludge into CH4, methane. This methane is also referred to as Renewable Natural Gas and can be used to inject into the gas grid or as a vehicle fuel.  Read more

Calgren in Pixley, CA is going to use DMT’s state of the art, high efficient desulfurization technology

Calgren Dairy Fuels, LLC is going to desulfurize their biogas using DMT’s innovative biogas desulfurization technology, Sulfurex®BR. DMT Clear Gas Solutions is very proud to align with Calgren. By selecting the advanced Sulfurex®BR system, Calgren is continuing the trend of improving America’s energy security. By doing this and with the existing ethanol production facility in Pixley, California Calgren creates high quality jobs and cleaning the environment with this state of the art biogas plant. Read more

DMT Clear Gas Solutions is going to provide the upgrading technology for a waste to resources facility in Utah. As we posted earlier we are very proud that the selected technology is DMT’s Carborex®MS. This technology uses high selective membranes to clean the raw biogas to RNG, Renewable Natural Gas.

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