DMT Clear Gas Solutions specializes in renewable natural gas (RNG), biogas upgrading, gas desulfurization and thermal hydrolysis. We are a socially and environmentally responsible engineering firm with 24/7 service support, +110 worldwide references, and +30 years of experience. Our award-winning portfolio offers sustainable, profitable solutions in the renewable energy sector.

We make technology to create a clear and prosperous future

Big Five For Live

Our employees are
our greatest capital

DMT operates on the successful ‘The Big Five for Life’ principle.

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Our Challenge

To Create a Clear and Prosperous Future

We contribute to a sustainable future without making concessions to prosperity. We develop advanced technology that benefits our planet and its people. Our innovative designs, plants and service distinguish themselves in terms of quality and return on investment. Cooperation and exchange of knowledge with our partners are key elements. Both are achieved thanks to our greatest capital: our team of enthusiastic people who continuously strive to improve themselves.

DMT Let's be clear
  • "The ability to transform our sewage into RNG will make Honolulu more resilient and sustainable, and I congratulate Hawai‘i Gas and DMT for being recognized as the ‘Project of the Year’ by such a highly regarded trade group like the American Biogas Council."

    - Kirk Caldwell, Mayor of Honolulu

  • "In 2018, we became the state's first supplier of renewable natural gas in partnership with DMT and the City and County of Honolulu."

    - Alicia Moy, Hawaii Gas' President & CEO

  • "Jasper is now the country’s largest dairy RNG project, but there is still tremendous opportunity out there to convert dairy waste into 100 percent renewable transportation fuel. We look forward to working on more innovative projects with DMT."

    - Grant Zimmerman, AMP America's CEO

  • "I am looking forward to the fact that it will help provide so many households with energy and heat in the years to come."

    - Prince Charles of Wales at the Poundbury site opening

  • "We are focused on sustainable solutions that fit into a circular economy."

    - Erwin Dirkse, DMT's Managing Director

Recent Projects

  • Trenton, NJ, US

    2020, Sulfurex®CR
    Flow: 1,100 SCFM | H2S: 3,000 ppm to < 200 ppm
    Biogas: Waste Resource Recovery | Application: Cogeneration

  • Tucson, AZ, US

    2020, Carborex®MS
    Flow: 700 SCFM
    Biogas: Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP)
    Application: Pipeline Injection

  • Campbellsport, WI, US

    2020, Carborex®MS
    Flow: 225 SCFM
    Biogas: Dairy Manure | Application: Pipeline Injection

Safety & Service

General project safety and safeguarding processes are of paramount importance to DMT. During the project’s design phase, we carry out a risk assessment (HAZOP) and implement the results in the final design. replica watches

Service is also crucial and we provide it in accordance to ISO 9001 certification. This standard sets out the criteria for a quality management system and provides guidance and tools for companies and organizations who want to ensure that their products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements.

Offering 24/7 support, our clients enter into tailor-made service contracts. DMT service concentrates on global technical support through secure internet connections for the installations we deliver. We are frequently requested to provide integrated support, such as combining biogas upgrading with desulfurization.

About DMT

About DMT

DMT is a privately-owned engineering firm founded in 1987 by Rob Dirkse. The company name stands for “Dirkse Milieutechnologie” or Dirkse’s Environmental Technology. In 2001, the company was succeeded by his son, Erwin Dirkse, who currently owns the company today. In 2015, Robert Lems expanded biogas upgrading operations to the United States, and now oversees DMT Clear Gas Solutions, the Portland-based firm, as General Manager.

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