O&M Service Support

Package Flexibility on RNG Site Support

Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Service Support

DMT offers package flexibility on operations and maintenance (O&M) service support. From operator phone support to 24/7 on-call technical site support, we offer solutions designed to maximize your plant’s uptime, performance and safety. DMT also offers a special training program for plant operators, which includes initial training certification and process technical support (PTS).

Operational Support & Monitoring

If operating a biogas upgrading plant is a new experience, DMT offers Operational Support and Monitoring. This entails DMT qualified engineers actively checking site performance on a weekly basis to offer site operators support on how to best optimize the plant. Reports include weekly operational data and monthly evaluations of the total process performance, gas to grid time (if applicable) and cause for down-time.

24/7 On-Call Technical Support on Site

With 24/7 On-Call Technical Support, DMT offers its most extended service for direct response on site. The 24/7 On-Call package allows site operators to request support at any time from certified and experienced mechanics. Allow DMT to help troubleshoot any issue so site operators can resume their daily activities.

Preventive Maintenance & Inspection

To keep RNG equipment in its best possible condition, preventive maintenance and periodic services are required. Wear and tear of parts is unavoidable and some parts wear faster than others. Regular inspection and timely replacement of these parts will help maintain a high uptime and benefit the life expectancy and efficiency of the system. Service and maintenance through DMT ensures that the installation remains in the best possible condition.

Our Standard Service Package offers maintenance visits performed by DMT qualified engineers who will execute site inspections and preventive maintenance work, including operator support, leak testing, sensor calibration, motor bearings checks and replacing wear and tear parts. Additional support, such as monthly inspection visits, are available upon request and particularly valuable during the first years of plant operation.

Training Certification

Training certification is necessary for all site operators to correctly operate the installation at maximum uptime. DMT’s special training certification program includes initial training of site operating personnel and can be requested at any time, which is particularly useful when on-boarding new operators. The program is hosted by DMT engineers and entails equipment training, process knowledge, preventive measures, and corrective actions. It also includes Process Technical Support (PTS), where process engineers support operators with urgent issues.

Sergey Baranov, Area Sales Manager Canada

Sergey Baranov, Area Sales Manager Canada

Sergey Baranov, MBA, has been known in the biogas industry since 2006 by bringing zero-waste, waste2energy circular economy solutions to municipal, industrial and agriculture sectors. His valuable experience and technical expertise catapults into valuable turn-key solution for all client’s RNG endeavors.

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