June 7, 2021

B.C.’s Seabreeze Farm Completes RNG Equipment Upgrade with DMT

Delta, B.C., Canada –  DMT Clear Gas Solutions, a leading technology supplier for biogas conditioning and upgrading, announces the renewable natural gas (RNG) facility at Seabreeze Farm is operational. The third-generation dairy farm owned by the Keulen family was previously using water wash technology to convert biogas into RNG. Now the RNG facility in Canada uses DMT’s three-stage membrane separation technology, the Carborex®MS.

“We’ve been making manure and food waste a revenue generator since 2014. With our new DMT biogas upgrading system we look forward to making RNG more consistently.”

Jerry Keulen, Owner of Seabreeze Farm

Renewable natural gas in British Columbia

The B.C. RNG facility upgrades 180 standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM), or 290 Nm3/hr, of biogas generated by 250 milk cows and 12,000 annual tons of off-farm organics. With DMT’s biogas upgrading system, Seabreeze Farm produces up to 99.5 percent RNG for direct injection into the natural gas pipeline. In terms of GHG emissions, the project equates to removing 650 vehicles from roadways or generating energy for 360 homes.

“Completing this dairy RNG project during the pandemic certainly proved challenging. We are thankful to Jerry, our internal team and all local companies involved for making this project a reality. This is the first DMT biogas upgrading facility of many in Canada. A second system in Ontario will be commissioned soon.”

Robert Lems, General Manager of DMT Clear Gas Solutions

Moreover, Seabreeze Farm continues to sell the RNG to FortisBC, a natural gas and electricity utility that serves British Columbia’s 1.2 million customers. In addition, FortisBC continues to operate the interconnection and monitor the gas quality. Distribution of this renewable energy also goes to British Columbia’s electing residents and businesses.

Biogas in Canada

Canada is in a powerful position to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 through their Clean Fuel Standard (CFS), which aims to drive investment and growth in the country’s clean fuel sector. Final regulations for the CFS will be published in late 2021 with the regulatory requirements in force by December 2022. According to a recent report by the Canadian Biogas Association, Canada has the capability to tap more than eight times its current biogas and RNG production.

“The RNG project with Seabreeze Farm and DMT is a prime example of Canada’s biogas potential. Biogas can help meet our national climate goals, meet provincial waste reduction targets and deliver more low-carbon and energy. Canada needs biogas now more than ever.”

Matt Dickson, Managing Director of Hallbar Consulting Inc.

Author: Missy Lee