Big 5 for Life

About the business philosophy

Without a doubt, DMT believes a company thrives when its employees are self-motivated, enjoy what they do and have a positive work-life balance. That’s why we incorporate John P. Strelecky‘s “Big 5 for Life” in our core philosophy.

Our Employees Are Our Biggest Capital

The “Big 5 for Life” concept was developed to make both companies and its employees more successful. In summary, align a person’s core motivations with the company’s core principles and both parties will thrive.

“The ultimate challenge is to synergize the individual employee’s motivation with the company’s objectives. When people understand better what motivates them and what makes them happy, they are easier to place in the right position. This results in an organization in which everyone is enthusiastic, passionate and focused on collective goals.”

Tong-Sja Lau, HR Manager of DMT Environmental Technology

DMT’s Big 5 For Life

DMT’s purpose for existence is based on 5 concepts:

  1. Its people. DMT especially values its greatest capital: a team of enthusiastic employees who strive to continuously improve themselves through work experience and training.
  2. CSR. Furthermore, DMT delivers a sustainable technology portfolio that represents corporate social responsibility (CSR), good entrepreneurship, professionalism, and integrity.
  3. Sustainability. DMT’s high-quality products and services not only contribute to the interests of its clients, its stakeholders or the company itself but also improve the quality of life on this planet.
  4. Innovation. In addition, DMT distinguishes itself from the competition through continuous innovation, acquisition and development of sustainable technology.
  5. Collaboration. Collaboration with a network of agents, partners, vendors, institutes, and companies is equally essential for offering a total solutions DMT package worldwide.

Annual Big 5 Workshops

DMT Clear Gas Solutions hosts annual Big 5 workshops to invigorate the staff as well as sharpen individual and collective goals. The goal is to make working together more fun and effective. When co-workers help one another, you create a dynamic, well-performing company ready for growth.

Founder, John P. Strelecky

Founder of the “Big Five for Life”, John P. Strelecky, describes the concept along with its principles in his book, “The Big Five for Life: Leadership’s Greatest Secret.” Strelecky’s vision has especially inspired us in our daily operations, just as it has done with business leaders worldwide.

What’s your Big 5?

Tong-Sja Lau, HR Manager

Tong-Sja Lau, HR Manager

At DMT Environmental Technology, Tong-Sja is a passionate ambassador of the Big 5 for Life philosophy. “Work is an important part of our quest for happiness,” Lau says. “Working from your strength and passion is something I do and want to transfer to others. If you know who you are and where your passion lies, the translation can often be made to what you want. Focus on the things that really matter to you.”

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