October 18, 2018

DMT & AMP Americas win “Innovation of the Year” Award

at American Biogas Council’s Biocycle REFOR

Raleigh, NC — TUESDAY 10/16, at their 18th annual BIOCYCLE REFOR18, the American Biogas Council (ABC) announced DMT, the biogas upgrading technology supplier for a Renewable Dairy Fuels (RDF) project, and AMP Americas as the winners of the “Innovation of the Year” award.

The Biogas Industry Awards was a sold-out dinner celebration, presenting 33 awards to the best projects across the industry. The celebration recognizes many across the agricultural, municipal and merchant sectors for their contributions to the growth of the U.S. biogas industry. Furthermore, awards given included Projects of the Year, Longevity Awards, Hospitality Awards, and one Innovation of the Year Award.

“Our awards this year recognize projects that are great examples for future projects— a great new tool for finding nutrient recovery technologies and a champion for the biogas industry. We are so proud to be awarding these shining stars of the industry.”

Patrick Serfass, Executive Director, ABC

The Best Integrated Biogas Upgrading Technology

ABC bestows AMP Americas and DMT the 2018 “Innovation of the Year” award. This is because combining two technologies for biogas upgrading, which work well independently, creates an order of magnitude improvement in overall efficiency and cost.

“On behalf of DMT, thank you, ABC, for the project recognition. AMP Americas is especially well known for using the best available biogas upgrading technology on the market. DMT is glad to be their technology provider for the RDF project and hopefully, for more projects to come.”

Robert Lems, general manager, DMT Clear Gas Solutions

Large in scope, this project is a model for sustainable farming and other dairy RNG projects in North America. In this moment, there exists more than 2,200 operational biogas systems in the U.S. Furthermore, 13,500 new systems are ripe for development.

“We are proud to be recognized for our contributions in improving air quality, sustainability and farm profitability. Jasper is now the country’s largest dairy RNG project, but there is still tremendous opportunity out there to convert dairy waste into 100 percent renewable transportation fuel. We look forward to working on more innovative projects with DMT.”

Grant Zimmerman, CEO, Amp Americas