October 29, 2019

DMT and Hawaii Gas win ABC’s RNG Project of the Year Award

Hawai’i’s First WWTP RNG Project Wins

Madison, WI — TUESDAY 10/29, at their 19th annual BIOCYCLE REFOR19, the American Biogas Council (ABC) announced Hawai’i Gas and DMT Clear Gas Solutions as winners of their 2019 “Project of the Year” award for Hawai’i’s first Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) renewable natural gas (RNG) project.

“We select this project because it’s at the leading edge of a wave that will sweep the nation as more and more gas utilities purchase RNG made from biogas. This project, and others like it, promote the recycling of organic material that would otherwise be considered waste into renewable energy. They help to protect our environment, reduce our use of fossil fuels and also create new jobs.”

Patrick Serfass, executive director of the American Biogas Council

Biocycle REFOR’s Biogas Industry Awards

The 8th Annual Biogas Industry Awards was in fact a sold-out dinner celebration. For contributions to the growth of the U.S. biogas industry, ABC bestowed eight awards such as Innovation of the Year. Moreover, winners ranged from all sectors— dairy, agricultural, municipal, merchant, and landfill.

During the event, ABC bestowed the City & County of Honolulu’s Honouliuli WWTP project with Hawai’i Gas and DMT the 2019 Biogas Project of the Year Award. In particular, for the deployment of DMT’s advanced gas cleaning technology on municipal biogas to reduce the carbon footprint of the Honouliuli natural gas system.

“It is an honor to receive this ABC award from our industry peers. Thank you to our team members who helped make this project a reality. Both Hawai’i Gas and DMT share similar missions to create sustainable solutions for our customers. DMT is proud to have worked with Hawai’i Gas on this ground-breaking project.”

Robert Lems, general manager of DMT Clear Gas Solutions
In December 2018, Hawai’i Gas became the first in the state to capture and process biogas into RNG at the Honouliuli WWTP facility.

“It is truly an honor that our RNG facility was selected for the Project of the Year Award. We are grateful for the recognition received and for our partnership with DMT to make this innovative project a reality.”

Richard DeGarmo, director of renewable energy & capital projects of Hawai’i Gas

Hawai’i’s First RNG Facility

Hawai’i Gas became the first in the state to capture and process biogas into RNG at the Honouliuli WWTP facility. The facility produces approximately 800,000 therms of energy per year, enough gas for more than 6,000 homes. This first-of-its-kind project is equivalent to eliminating the need for nearly 15,000 barrels of oil or removing 400 cars.

“Ensuring that all families have access to affordable, reliable and clean energy are important goals.  Our RNG project is an important step toward achieving these goals, while at the same time, working towards meeting Hawai’i’s carbon neutrality goals for 2045. RNG uses existing pipeline infrastructure to deliver greener fuels to our customers while providing a new revenue source to the city.” 

Alicia Moy, president and CEO of Hawai’i Gas

This $5 million project harvests waste energy previously flared off into the atmosphere. DMT’s two-stage membrane separation technology converts the WWTP’s biogas from two anaerobic digesters into RNG. This renewable energy, injected into Hawai’i Gas’ O’ahu utility pipeline, provides thermal energy for homes and businesses. In particular, this project provides the entire state with 3% of RNG. Additionally, the City and County of Honolulu generates approximately $1.6 million of revenue per year.

“The ability to transform our sewage into RNG will make Honolulu more resilient and sustainable. I congratulate Hawai‘i Gas and DMT for being recognized as the ‘Project of the Year’ by such a highly regarded trade group like the American Biogas Council. It’s our hope the project at Honouliuli can be repeated by Hawai‘i Gas at other wastewater facilities across O‘ahu. This type of public-private partnership makes good sense for our island home.”  

Kirk Caldwell, Mayor of Hawai’i

Author: Missy Lee