July 18, 2018

DMT’s Global Biomethane Milestone

A Landmark Production of 9 Billion Cubic Ft of Biomethane

Birmingham, UK — Global biogas upgrading technology provider, DMT, announces producing 9 billion cubic feet of biomethane worldwide. Also known as renewable natural gas (RNG), this milestone is enough to heat 227,000 homes and power thousands of vehicles.

30 international facilities to date use DMT’s Carborex® MS, a biogas to pure methane system using advanced membrane separation technology. But what are the global impacts of these projects and what does this mean in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions?

“Converting organic matter into renewable gas also brings considerable carbon savings. Focusing on efficiency and effectiveness, DMT’s worldwide projects have achieved savings in excess of 642,382 tons CO2 equivalent. This is equal to 0.14 percent of the UK’s total greenhouse gas emissions. Illustrated as taking 20 percent of all buses off the road or all fishing vessels off the seas and oceans.”

Stephen McCulloch, DMT’s UK Business Director

UK Biomethane Production

The global biomethane sector continues to boom. Countries like the UK have helped develop the biogas industry through government-backed incentives. As a result, these increased renewable energy sources facilitate financial savings.

“The new Renewable Heat Incentive tariffs are set to kickstart the second wave of biomethane plants in the UK. Having grown from 0 to 90 plants in the last five years, we expect this figure to grow further over the next few years. It’s great to see DMT placing themselves at the heart of the UK’s biomethane sector.”

Charlotte Morton, Chief Executive of ADBA

Furthermore, DMT announced during the UK AD and World Biogas Expo 2018 the introduction of its first UK-based sales and service team. This local team will help bring these successful collaborative-based projects to customers and developers in a growing market.

“We will be increasing the scope of our supply, including offering finance options. In addition, we have fine-tuned our offering and are issuing a five-year membrane guarantee on our Carborex® MS upgrading technology. With this improved strategy, we look forward to taking an already thriving UK biomethane sector to the next level – and to producing our next quarter of a billion cubic meters of green gas.”

Stephen McCulloch, DMT’s UK Business Director

Biomethane Production Expands Globally

Long centered in Europe, the green gas sector is indeed going global. North America continues to have considerable market growth, due to increased demand from the automotive sector as well as emission reduction policy incentives. Moreover, the U.S. is the major contributor to the North American biomethane market. With ten awarded projects in the United States, DMT is particularly paving its way to achieving this same success in North America.

The World Biogas Expo, hosted by ADBA, took place July 11-12, 2018 in NEC Birmingham, and remains to be the world’s biggest gathering of biogas professionals.