April 22, 2020

DMT, Nacelle & U.S. Gain Complete Wisconsin Dairy RNG Project

Campbellsport, WIDMT Clear Gas Solutions, a leading technology supplier in biogas upgrading and gas desulfurization, announces its first renewable natural gas (RNG) project with Nacelle Solutions is operational. The Clover Hill Dairy farm project in Wisconsin is significantly the first completed site in a series of four between the two project partners. Furthermore, Nacelle Solutions, a provider for gas conditioning technologies and service for the energy and biogas industries, is contracted with U.S. Gain, a leader in the development, procurement and distribution of RNG for transportation and thermal energy markets, for developing U.S. Gain’s gas upgrading projects. Nacelle will own and operate the upgrading equipment, selecting DMT’s membrane separation technology as a key component in the RNG processing facilities.

“DMT has accumulated extensive knowledge within the U.S. biogas industry space—so much so that we signed and commissioned this first project within eight months. With goals to further shorten this timeline for the next projects, we are establishing a delivery time unique to the industry. This surely enables favorable returns for Nacelle Solutions and U.S. Gain, and we look forward to working with all partners in the future.”

Robert Lems, General Manager of DMT Clear Gas Solutions.

About the Clover Hill Dairy RNG Project in Wisconsin

Clover Hill Dairy converts 225 standard cubic feet per minute (scfm) of biogas to produce more than 98 percent RNG. This dairy project will produce enough RNG to fuel greenhouse gas emission savings equivalent to removing more than 800 vehicles from U.S. roadways for one year. The project is also equivalent to CO2 emissions from more than 420,000 gallons of gasoline.

“Nacelle is pleased to have commissioned the first of four plants on schedule and even more pleased with the overall upgrading results and minimal start-up issues. We attribute this success to partnering with key vendors like DMT that have real and proven experience in the gas upgrading and processing world.”

Gov Graney, Managing Member of Nacelle Solutions.    
clover hill dairy in wisconsin for renewable natural gas or rng
Clover Hill Dairy is a 3,500-acre 5th generation family farm with 2,000 milking cows, 2,000 youngstock, and 1,500 beef animals.

Commissioning for the remaining three projects will take place within the next few months. Furthermore, the gas injection for all four farms will go through one centralized injection point using a virtual pipeline. A virtual pipeline is a flexible and diverse approach that allows gas transportation without a physical pipeline network in place. Each truck will store the RNG as compressed natural gas (CNG) and can hold about 3,800 gasoline gallon equivalents (GGE).

“U.S. Gain is committed to meeting the increased demand for low carbon fuels by continuously developing new RNG projects. As a Wisconsin-based company, we look forward to partnering with local farmers for their continued success.”

Bryan Nudelbacher, Director of RNG Business Development of U.S. Gain

About Biogas Upgrading

To summarize briefly, biogas conditioning and upgrading removes trace impurities in the biogas stream and separates carbon dioxide from methane. As a result, biogas transforms into pipeline-spec RNG suitable for injection into the natural gas grid. RNG can also be directly used as vehicle fuel. As highlighted above, the many benefits of RNG include:

  1. reduced greenhouse gas emissions,
  2. increased domestic energy security,
  3. improved waste management,
  4. new revenue sources for American farmers, and
  5. more jobs in rural areas.

Author: Missy Lee