October 21, 2020

DMT, Nacelle & US Gain Complete Dairy Renewable Natural Gas Project, Deer Run Farm

Coon Valley, WI – Despite an ongoing pandemic, DMT Clear Gas Solutions, a leading technology supplier in biogas conditioning and upgrading, announces its fourth dairy renewable natural gas (RNG) project with Nacelle Solutions, a provider for gas conditioning technologies and service for the energy and biogas industries, is operational.

Deer Run Farm, located in Coon Valley, Wisconsin, has been part of a series of four projects with Nacelle and U.S. Gain, a leader in the development and distribution of RNG, to convert dairy manure into RNG.

“This is a milestone for DMT, Nacelle Solutions, U.S. Gain, and all parties involved. In contrast, you have competitors with months of project delays and DMT, a technology provider, delivering four back-to-back projects in less than a year.

Undoubtedly, our field team is the reason behind all of our success. They did an excellent job adapting to each project and finding solutions to get the job done.”

Robert Lems, general manager of DMT

About the dairy renewable natural gas project

The four dairy farms upgrade a total accumulation of approximately 1000 standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM). Each farm has DMT’s three-stage Carborex® MS on-site for a methane recovery of up to 99.5 percent. Additionally, the renewable natural gas produced goes through one centralized injection point using a virtual pipeline. Together, these farms produce enough renewable natural gas equivalent to the CO2 emissions from powering 1,680 homes for one year or 1.6 million gallons of gasoline.

“Nacelle is excited the Deer Run RNG plant is operational, furthering the economic and environmental benefits provided by the RNG industry. With these plants, there were many unforeseen challenges during construction and commissioning presented by COVID 19. Having a strong team of vendors like DMT that can adjust and solve problems on the fly was critical to the project’s success.”

Gov Graney, co-owner of Nacelle Solutions

About the project collaboration

Similarly to the other projects mentioned, Nacelle Solutions coordinates biogas upgrading efforts for several anaerobic digesters owned by U.S. Gain. Furthermore, U.S. Gain plans to continue investing in RNG development at dairies and other agricultural operations.

 “We’re incredibly proud to announce the operationality of Deer Run Dairy, especially in a time filled with so many challenges. This project rounds out a busy year for us, complete with upgrade projects at three other dairy farms and construction of a new decant facility in Wisconsin.

Sustainable-driven organizations continue to adopt RNG as part of their greenhouse gas reduction strategies. We’re committed to enabling their success through ample supply.”

Mike Koel, president of U.S. Gain

About dairy renewable natural gas

Federal and state programs for renewable fuels create incentives for developers to convert biogas into renewable natural gas. In particular, dairy-based renewable natural gas offers some of the lowest carbon intensity scores. This is because manure-only projects provide an opportunity to benefit in the D3 RIN market under the Renewable Fuels Standard. In contrast, co-digestion projects that include food waste are only eligible for D5 RINs, which have a much lower value than D3 RINs. Consequently, such varying RIN prices equate to significant emission savings and project development incentives for dairy renewable natural gas.

Author: Missy Lee