Utah’s first anaerobic digester for food waste will produce enough renewable natural gas to power 15,000 homes. DMT Clear Gas Solutions is an integral part of this project by providing the upgrading technology for the biogas.

Approximately one-third of the food produced for human consumption annually gets lost or wasted. The Wasatch Resource Recovery project will become an advanced food waste digestion facility that will process approximately 180,000 tons of food waste per year that will be diverted from landfills. By processing the food waste on this progressive resource recovery site, the life of the local landfills will be extended. Greenhouse gases will be reduced by an equivalent of over 75,000 cars. Not only the methane will be used as natural gas but also part of the CO2 will be reused to grow algae. The Wasatch Resource Recovery site in North Salt Lake, UT has selected DMT Clear Gas Solution’s upgrading technology for their recovery site. Read full article


Biosolids are becoming increasingly economical valuable and are no longer a waste product but a valuable resource. But how to get the most value out of your project?

Increasing the value of your biosolids is dependent on the overall design of the plant and how to integrate the latest technology with RIN revenues, class A+ land application and nutrient recovery.
The digester is the heart of the system. But like a human body, the organs around the hearth make it pump the most efficient. Starting with high pressure thermal sludge hydrolyses to effectively get the organics available for the bacteria. This will increase the amount of organics that is digested by about 30%, decreasing digestate and increasing biogas production. But it also increases the digestion process, reducing the retention time so a smaller digester is needed (or more solids can be processed). Biogas depressurization and upgrading makes the best business case. By using a combined chemical scrubber with biological regeneration, the H2S can be converted to elemental sulfur and sold as fertilizer. Thanks to the thermal hydrolysis the digested can be used for class A fertilizer. Nutrients can be recovered to Struvite; ammonium sulfate and/or mixed with the Sulfur. All the technologies are readily available and the economical incentives are growing.

DMT is here to help you with the Clear and Prosperous future.

Materials that people usually most likely dispose are becoming U.S.’s hottest commodities. Beer making residuals, dinner scraps, waste water treatment plant sludge and trash make perfect resources for biogas.  The interest in the development of biogas (upgrading) plants in the United States is growing very vast. Currently in the US there are about 2,200 biogas producing sites. In December the biggest upgrading plant using high selective membranes got announced. This biogas plant in North Carolina is going to produce biogas from swine waste. In addition to swine waste the facility will use industrial food processing waste as substrates. The site is expected to be producing gas by the last quarter os this year and has DMT Clear Gas Technology inside.

Read all about recent developments in this article.

DMT Clear Gas Solutions got awarded the largest renewable natural gas facility in the nation. This carbon neutral facility with DMT Clear Gas Solutions’ technology inside, is going to push North Carolina past the swine waste to energy goal. The plant is going to upgrade 7400 SCFM raw biogas to natural gas quality and inject it into the gas grid. The high efficient technology cleans enough raw biogas gas to provide 30000 hold holds with natural gas for a year.

DMT is delivering a system that is unique to North America and the world, especially on this scale. Membrane based technology separates gas which is compressed and pressurized. The gas will flow through hollow fibers, resembling spaghetti’s (membranes) that act like miniature straws that sieve the methane (natural gas) from the CO2 resulting in a system with a small footprint; almost 40% power and over 60% savings in greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional technologies.

This is an amazing project. Not only because of its size but especially because of its relevance for the industry. Robert Lems, General Manager of DMT Clear Gas Solutions LLC: “We are very proud of this achievement and could not have done it without the close collaborations we had with our partners and of course all our colleagues. Read More.

On the 29th of October 2016, the contract to deliver the first CarborexMS 350 in Viljandimaa, Estonia, was signed. This project, which will be the first biogas upgrading plant in Estonia, will be built on the property of a big farm in Viljandimaa in the south of Estonia. The feedstock for the digester consists of cow manure. Like the CarborexMS in Poundbury that marked the kick-off of building a series of DMT CarborexMS plants in the UK, this project is a pilot plant for Estonia.

Estonia is the frontrunner in Eastern European countries with high ambitions in renewable energy goals. Next to numerous investments in wind- and solar power to achieve the 2020 climate goals, the Estonian Government now starts to invest in biogas upgrading to also reach their ambitious goals in renewable fuel for transport. A program to change the public transport of Estonia to run on power and CNG has now started with an investment for the first project in Viljandimaa. The CarborexMS will be delivered in August 2017, and will produce 150 kg/CNG per hour.

The Dutch-based DMT-ET is currently building biogas upgrading plants in Denmark, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, USA, and this first biomethane production plant in Estonia. In U.K. alone DMT-ET delivered thirteen biogas upgrading plants, with extra technology for the production of BioLNG and BioCNG and fuelings stations. DMT-ET will continue to do so in her challenge to create a clear and prosperous future.