Renewable Natural Gas Texas Plant

Dairy RNG project demonstrates everything is bigger in Texas!


First of its kind, this Sulfurex®BR system in Texas has a double bioreactor to handle high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide (H₂S), extreme weather conditions and large fluctuations of seasonal loading. Specifically designed for the client’s needs, this innovative technology also helps keep operational expenses (OPEX) low, meaning an entire bioreactor can be taken offline during the winter or brought back online during peak summer months..

  • 3,000 pounds of H₂S removed daily
  • 12 feet in diameter (each bioreactor)
  • 2,750 square feet plant footprint


Year: 2019
Location: Texas
Product: Sulfurex®BR
Biogas Inlet: 3160 SCFM
H₂S concentration: 5000 to < 50 ppm
Biogas Source: Agriculture
Application: Pipeline Injection

About the RNG Texas Project

A renewable natural gas (RNG) Texas plant made history using DMT’s Sulfurex®BR with a double bioreactor. Beginning with the commissioning in September 2019, the plant was operational by December 2019. Furthermore, the RNG produced equates to removing more than 11,000 vehicles from U.S. roadways annually. Alternatively, this RNG Texas plant displaces 6 million gallons of gasoline.

“DMT is the only company in North America to have installed a Sulfurex® BR with a double bioreactor. Our ability to innovate on the design for this RNG Texas plant added enormous value to the client.”

Robert Lems, General Manager of DMT Clear Gas Solutions

The Sulfurex® BR, developed by DMT, incorporates a biological process for the regeneration of the caustic solution. The system also uses a hydrogen sulfide (H2S) scrubbing system to remove the H2S from the raw biogas. The Sulfurex® BR offers low operational expenses (OPEX) costs compared to other H2S removal technologies in the market. This is due to the regenerative properties of the technology.

Project Results

The renewable natural gas Texas plant has H2S concentrations ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 ppm. DMT’s system removes to less than 100 ppm of H2S.

When selecting the best technology for a RNG project of this flow and loading, the annual OPEX costs were a major factor in the decision-making process. Adding a second bioreactor to DMT’s base design offers the capability to treat high concentrations of H2S without prohibitively expensive OPEX costs. In winter, for example, an entire bioreactor can be put offline if necessary and brought back online during the peak summer months.

This desulfurization project was engineered specifically for the client. Because of its unique design, the Sulfurex® BR with a double bioreactor now has the ability to handle both extremely high sulfur loads as well as large variation in seasonal load fluctuations.

This RNG facility uses the Sulfurex®BR.

For key biogas contaminants, DMT offers one or a combination of technologies. The technology selection is based on an analysis of your biogas composition, inlet gas flow, pollution load and RNG application. Based on your CAPEX, OPEX and/or TCO needs, we provide our customers with an innovative, economical solution.