Deer Run Farm

Fourth dairy in the WI series sending RNG through a virtual pipeline


Safely commissioned during the pandemic, Deer Run Farm is the fourth RNG project in the Wisconsin series using a virtual pipeline and one centralized injection point. This series employs small-scale and skid-mounted standardized systems to offer advantages in pricing, delivery, and commissioning times, thereby, enabling DMT to deliver four projects in a year.

Project Details

Year: 2020
Location: Coon Valley, WI
Product: Carborex®MS
Biogas Inlet: 150 SCFM
Biogas Source: Dairy Manure
Application: Pipeline Injection

Deer Run Farm is the fourth dairy RNG project in the Wisconsin series by DMT. All within close proximity from one another, each farm has DMT’s Carborex® MS system for complete biogas conditioning. Through DMT’s three-stage membrane configuration, carbon dioxide is removed from the biogas-stream resulting in 99.5% methane recovery.

Furthermore, the gas injection for all four farms will go through one centralized injection point using a virtual pipeline, a flexible and diverse approach that allows gas transportation without a physical pipeline network in place. Each truck will store the RNG in compressed natural gas (CNG) form and can hold about 3,800 gasoline gallon equivalents (GGE).

“Nacelle is pleased to have commissioned these four plants on schedule and even more pleased with the overall upgrading results and minimal start-up issues. We attribute this success to partnering with key vendors like DMT that have real and proven experience in the gas upgrading and processing world.”

Gov Graney, Managing Member, Nacelle Solutions
Wisconsin RNG Dairy Project at Deer Run Farm
RNG production offers Deer Run Dairy the opportunity to improve manure management practices from its herd of 1,700 milking cows. In 2021, U.S. Gain will expand the system’s capacity by installing a mixing tank that will enable other local farms to bring animal waste to Deer Run Dairy.

Project Results

This Wisconsin series will produce enough RNG to fuel greenhouse gas emission savings equivalent to removing more than 3,100 vehicles from U.S. roadways for one year.

By using a virtual pipeline for this series, a significant benefit is the cost savings of not having to install pipeline to the nearest gas pipe, which would have costed $1 to $2 million with an extended project timeline of 12 to 18 months. With four farms, that equates to a cost savings of $8 million. Additionally, this approach also consolidates the methane from four separate sites, allowing revenue to be realized immediately upon completion of the plant. By being able to produce RNG within 5 to 11 months, these farms are able to produce $5 to $10 million of early revenue.

This RNG facility uses the Carborex®MS.

For key biogas contaminants, DMT offers one or a combination of technologies. The technology selection is based on an analysis of your biogas composition, inlet gas flow, pollution load and RNG application. Based on your CAPEX, OPEX and/or TCO needs, we provide our customers with an innovative, economical solution.