From Sludge to Fertilizer, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

The Regional Water Authority ‘Vallei en Veluwe’ is one of the frontrunners in The Netherlands concerning the implementation of a sustainable and economically feasible solution for sewage sludge. In the Apeldoorn region, they will produce a much-needed fertilizer, by applying both innovative TurboTec® technology as well as additional treatment steps to sewage sludge. According to this Regional Water Authority, the waste from the municipal sewers can be considered the ‘new gold’.

“This investment will, in time, bring significant savings. This way we keep the wastewater treatment affordable for citizens and businesses.”
Tanja Klip, Chairman of the Regional Water Authority

Heating, Mixing, and Separation
The patented TurboTec® THP process treats organic material and biomass at a standard pressure of 4 – 6 bar and a temperature of 280–320°F. This treatment also ensures cleanliness of the final biomass cake and minimizes the use of costly chemicals. The steam consumption for heating is limited to less than 800 kg/tTS, due to the efficient heat recovery via heat exchangers and an innovative mixing and separation step.

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Increasing Capacity of Digesters
Biomass hydrolysis of waste activated sludge results in up to 35% more biogas in the digestion, while in the improved final dewatering more than 30% TS can be achieved. By using TurboTec®THP, the capacity of existing digesters can be increased, or smaller digester can be installed for new treatment plants. The TurboTec®THP continuous process has reduced capital costs and significantly lower operational costs compared to conventional batch processes.

DMT Group and Sustec
Since May 2016, Sustec B.V. is part of the DMT alliance. DMT and Sustec share a wide range of global markets and applications, including municipalities, water companies and a variety of industries. The possibilities of combining the biogas upgrading technology with recourse recovery technologies enhance the opportunities for municipalities to turn sewage and other waste streams into value.