Industrial & Commercial Waste

Food, Beverage, and Feed Production

Carborex®MS & Sulfurex® for Industrial Waste

Industrial and commercial waste includes organic residue from food, beverage or feed production as well as liquid waste and sludge from industrial processes. This feedstock often has a high biogas yield and is very attractive for anaerobic digestion. Depending on packaging and impurity, a higher effort on unpacking and preparation may be necessary.

  • CH₄ reduction for reducing GHG emissions.
  • No waste streams with the Carborex®MS.
  • CAPEX & OPEX Optimal.
Carborex® MS Sulfurex®
Carborex®MS & Sulfurex® for Industrial Waste

Industrial Waste Case Study

Pipeline injection from cheese and milk production waste

Wyke Farms

Product: Carborex® MS
Location: Champflower, United Kingdom (UK)
Feedstock: milk and cheese waste
Biogas Inlet: 1000 Nm³/h
Application: Pipeline Injection

At Wyke Summerset, UK, the waste of cheese and milk production is digested and upgraded to green gas with a Carborex® MS system. The green gas, or biomethane, is distributed to households in remote rural areas. The installation of DMT’s upgrading technology provides gas for 6,000 to 8,000 households every year, making heating and cooking in these houses more sustainable and fossil fuel free.

DMT has installed over 50 biogas upgrading technology systems globally and more than 10 biomethane facilities in the United Kingdom. Thanks to the UK’s ‘Greener for Life’ program, building these biogas upgrading plants becomes possible.

Caroline Limbaugh, Global Sales Engineer

Caroline Limbaugh, Global Sales Engineer

Caroline Limbaugh, B.Sc., is an experienced process engineer who has worked in both the biogas and oil & gas industry. In her first year with DMT, she was promoted to Project Manager for a SulfurexBR project in Cactus, TX. Skilled in troubleshooting, data analysis and operations, Caroline is an incredible asset to sales department.

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