Big Five For Life DMT works with the successful ‘The Big Five for Life’ principle. This principle combines the five most important goals of each of our employees with the five most important goals of our company. Big Five for Life is a method used to make companies and people more successful. The ultimate challenge is to synergize the individual's motivation with the company’s objectives. This results in an organisation in which everyone is enthusiastic, passionate and focused on collective goals.

Big Five For Life Video It makes DMT distinctive in every respect within its business sector. The performance further improves and the company is ready for future growth. John P. Strelecky developed the Big Five for Life concept and describes the business principles in his book “The Big Five For Life – What great leaders do.” Strelecky's vision has inspired us in our daily operations, just as it has done with business leaders worldwide. For further information on Big Five for Life, please visit Read more



You are on the verge of applying at one of the fastest growing companies in the biogas industry and being part of that growth. You will work in a varied, dynamic and inspiring environment! Our greatest asset is our team of enthusiastic colleagues who want to improve themselves continuously. The Big 5 for Life philosophy is incorporated in our company profile to inspire happiness and motivation. DMT offers a competitive market-level salary, excellent benefits including generous PTO, health insurance and a 401(k) plan. If our position(s) sound(s) like a great fit with your career aspirations, skills and experience, send us your resume along with a cover letter telling us more about you and how why you feel this should be your job!

The Operations Manager (OM) is in charge of executing daily operations for DMT Clear Gas Solutions and is second in responsibility only to the global COO.  This includes execution and oversite for multiple projects from start to finish. The OM manages a group of project managers including the engineering team and the service team. They are responsible for delivering the projects on time, on budget and with the right quality to ensure happy customers.

You will:

• Oversee the operations of the organization to meet business goals and projections; determine strategies to move the company forward, set goals, create and implement action plans, and evaluate process and evaluate results.
• Collaborate closely with the global COO and produce reports on company operations.
• Oversee budgeting, reporting, planning and auditing for the operations functions of the company.
• Empower the operational team with the leadership and resources they need to successfully complete operations initiatives.
• Manage clients, partners and subcontractors to ensure they all have the same end goal and meet project requirements and profitability goals as needed to support the operational team.
• Through designated staff ensure quality, safety, health and environment standards in design, construction and operations.
• Be accessible to work with various teams in different locations, time zones and cultures.
• Oversee the selection, negotiation and contracts with various suppliers directly or through appropriate staff.
• Positively represent the company at all times through a success-oriented and professional demeanor.
• Partner with other Executives and Managers to accomplish short and long-term operational goals.
• Measure and report on operational performance and develop plans to improve relevant key performance indicators.
• Keep up to date with industry trends and innovations, regulation changes, labor and technical compliance and apply as appropriate.
• Willing and able to travel as needed; could be up to 30% of the time depending on projects.

You will bring:

• Degree in Business Administration, Management or related area
• 7 – 10 years of experience in a leadership position; 3 – 5 years in a senior leadership role in a related industry.
• Strong background in business and management, acquiring the business acumen and leadership experience to manage the top function of a company.
• PMP Certification preferred or 3 to 5 years of project management experience
• Strong technical background in engineering, renewable, waste, gas, wastewater.

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Point of Contact: Annie

DMT Internship Opportunities: Invest in Your Future

DMT Clear Gas Solutions offers paid internships ranging from process engineering to marketing and communications. We are excited to offer students an opportunity to invest in their future by giving them actual work experience and by teaching them more about the career path they are pursuing. By interacting with professionals, interns gain new connections and learn how to communicate and network within the professional environment. Our internships provide students with the building blocks needed to create a strong resume, such as working on a project site or maximizing search engine optimization (SEO). Explore the future with us!

I spent the first month and a half researching parts to upgrade to higher safety standards on one of our most challenging projects to date! After spending time researching, procuring and ordering these upgraded parts, I went to site to get hands on experience both installing and testing these parts. My time was spent making sure that all instrumentation and controls were generating the proper signal and connecting to our PLC. In addition to these signal loop checks, I was able to assist in field wiring, filling and flushing containers, and troubleshooting mechanical issues. It greatly improved my understanding of project management and will further help me in the future design of project timelines, setting up work schedules and engineering design. The team at the Tualatin office was great to work with, incredibly welcoming and inclusive and gave the perfect amount of support and explanation when needed. Not only would I see DMT as a great place to work in the future, but they are also achieving great things in terms of progressing the renewable energy field.

At DMT, I had the opportunity to spend time on site helping commission two of their latest biogas plants. The management team gave me the room I needed to take responsibility and really make an impact -- while the whole DMT team provided support in every way imaginable. In my short time here, I've developed a significantly better understanding of process and control systems engineering, and along the way, I've been lucky enough to meet a variety of industry professionals and work with some extremely talented individuals from the DMT team.

At the first intake, we discussed the subject for my research: DMT-ET wants to expand their business to Asia starting in Malaysia. My supervisor told me that he wanted me to join him in a ”fact finding mission”. It was an amazing start of my internship and gave me a lot of insights and contacts. After a few months of research, I had written my bachelor thesis and presented it to the Director and Supervisor. After my internship, they asked me to work for another three months at DMT-ET. DMT is still developing the Malaysian market, but they took my report seriously. For me, it was a great 10 months at DMT-ET. I learned a lot from great people in the office and they gave me the freedom, responsibility and trust to deliver the reports on my own way. That’s something I really appreciate. I can only say one more thing: If you get the chance to apply for a marketing or other internship, JUST DO IT. You will never regret it!

However, I can now assure that this was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! The project I worked on was based on finding the most promising markets for hydrogen for the upcoming years, particularly in Europe, as well as sustainable technologies available to produce it. The amount of knowledge I acquired during my time at DMT was unmeasurable, since I was not only supported by the R&D department, but also by the Marketing team, as well as from every other worker at the company. I had three supervisors during my internship period, who were closely guiding me and helping me find the tools to solve any problem or doubt I could have throughout the way. Furthermore, having the opportunity of attending a very important congress in Sweden focused on advanced biofuels and their latest uses in the transport sector, as well as the opening ceremony of the first hydrogen refueling station in Stockholm, gave me the chance to obtain even more information directly from experts, which helped me a lot with the development of my project. I would definitely recommend all students from any country of the world who are interested on having a one-of- a-kind internship experience abroad to choose DMT! I guarantee that you won’t regret it, since you’ll have the opportunity to spend time and share knowledge and experiences with the best kind of people you’ll ever meet!