DMT Clear Gas Solutions aims to create a sustainable future. The technology we design and implement is applied all over the world. Therefore, our employees are very international oriented and speak many diferent languages. In their jobs they meet like minded people. The story of Dennis van der Woude, who came to work for DMT as an intern, finished his studies and is now a DMT Field & Commissioning engineer and travels world wide to commission and service our technologies. In the picture above he commissioned our SulfurexBF for the Wastewater treatment plant Rosedale in Auckland, New Zealand. Talents in technology, marketing or sales, who want to develop themselves and also want to invest in a clear and prosperous future are welcome to contact us!

Big Five For Life DMT works with the successful ‘The Big Five for Life’ principle. This principle combines the five most important goals of each of our employees with the five most important goals of our company. Big Five for Life is a method used to make companies and people more successful. Sijbe Bonsma, independent HR manager at DMT: “The ultimate challenge is to synergize the individual employees’ motivation with the company’s objectives. This results in an organisation in which everyone is enthusiastic, passionate and focused on collective goals.”

Big Five For Life Video It makes DMT distinctive in every respect within its business sector. The performance further improves and the company is ready for future growth. John P. Strelecky developed the Big Five for Life concept and describes the business principles in his book “The Big Five For Life – What great leaders do.” Strelecky's vision has inspired us in our daily operations, just as it has done with business leaders worldwide. For further information on Big Five for Life, please visit Read more



Do you want to work in a creative, dynamic, and rapidly growing international company? DMT Environmental Technology offers you an opportunity to participate in diverse projects around the world. We develop and realise technologies for air, gas and water treatment. Our focus for the near future is on the development of techniques for producing sustainable energy and upgrading biogas, which directly contributes to new circular economies. Working with DMT is working with creative, energetic, excellent and hearty project teams. Students, young technical talents, or experienced talents are welcome to send an open application.

Office manager / Financial controller – Flexible hours

Renewable energies nowadays cannot be denied. At DMT Clear Gas Solutions we are Renewable Energy; young, dynamic, hardworking, producing energy and significantly gaining terrain. For over 28 years DMT is front runner in this this industry, especially biogas treatment. DMT Clear Gas Solutions specializes in biogas upgrading; making pure renewable natural gas out of waste. Natural (bio)gas where you and me drive on, or cook our meals on. Forget about using you biogas for electricity, DMT goes further!

We need you
We are growing and our small team could use an extra set of hands and we need somebody who has a background in finance, is super organized, highly driven and is able to make a decision and solve a problem with minimal supervision; you have a bias towards action and help us grow. Duties will include, but are not limited to, manage the accounting system; tax filling, cash flow predictions, accounts payable, billing, credit card reconciliation and data entry and filing. But you will also help us in day to day business like organization of flight and hotels.

For this position it is important that you own some of the following skills, qualities and/or necessities:
– Degree in business and 1 minimal year accounting experience, or 5 years accounting experience
– Excellent computer skills, especially Excel, PowerPoint and Word
– You’re all about the details
– Have great organization skills
– You know your way around accounting systems and learn new systems (tools) quickly
– You’re a great communicator and like to work with various cultures (on strange times)
– You can manage multiple projects simultaneously and thrive on keeping all those balls in the air
– Knowledge of standard office procedures and equipment, telephone etiquette, record keeping, filing and data entry

Your team spirit is a contribution to the team. You make effort to innovate; who says that office administration should be dull and stagnant? Working with DMT can be tough that’s why we need you to remain graceful under pressure; in many cases you will be the first contact our customers have with our company. If you’re still reading this, and you are still interested in this vacancy and foremost you think you have what it takes, we are definitely looking for you!

Why work for DMT?
You will be working in our US office in Tualatin. We give you the freedom to work your job the way you want, your hours are very flexible. You’re the professional and will remain responsible for your part at all times. We like having short communication lines and we tend to be quite direct. That can be though but it is challenging and dynamic at the same time. We’re ambitious.

At DMT we believe in the Big 5 for Life initiative which is about aligning organizational and personal goals and needs to create a productive and energetic environment. We believe in renewable energy and truly look forward to working with someone who does too. This is what really drive us; a clear and prosperous future.

In concerns a part-time position with very flexible hours. We look forward hearing from you!

Market Intelligence and Business Strategy, internship

Sustec B.V. a full DMT Environmental Technology daughter, provides sustainable technologies for a circular economy. With a focus on thermal hydrolysis processes and resource recovery, we offer our customers TurboTec® and NutriTec® installations, supportive consultancy and laboratory services, pilot testing, engineering and operational support.

Sustec has realized full-scale references of its product the TurboTec® in the Netherlands. Today, we are building on the new gained network provided by DMT and are actively expanding our business towards other market segments. Our ability to excel depends on the integrity, knowledge, imagination, skill, diversity and teamwork of an individual like you. To this end, we strive to create an environment of mutual respect, encouragement and teamwork.  As part of our global team, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with talented and dedicated colleagues while developing and expanding your career.

We are looking for Market Intelligence and Business Strategy Intern to assist Market Research and Competitive Intelligence with surveys of specific market data and customer preferences. You would need to understand impact of the product for the customers in order to evaluate whether or not a market is viable You will research the market in pre-selected EU countries, analyze trends, research drivers, build House of Qualities, draft up country development plans and work jointly on developing contacts within those countries together with the team.

You will be working mainly from our office in Wageningen, however you will also be travelling on a frequent base to DMT headquarters in Joure and when required participate in trips abroad to gather market intelligence.

What should your background be


Currently a 3rd years or higher pursuing minimally a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing, Market Research, or related field


  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Capacity to understand technical processes
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office


  • Knowledge of data collection methods (polls, focus groups, surveys)
  • Strategic and analytic thinker
  • Multi-ligual (English, German, Spanish)

Why work for Sustec, part of DMT group?

Our employees are the key to our company’s success.  We demonstrate our commitment to our employees by offering an inspiring working environment where We give you the freedom to work your job the way you want, you’re the professional and will remain responsible at all times. We like having short communication lines and we tend to be quite direct. That can be though but is challenging and dynamic at the same time. We’re ambitious and work hard.

At DMT we believe in the Big 5 for Life initiative which is about aligning organizational and personal goals and needs to create a productive and energetic environment. We believe in renewable energy and truly look forward to working with someone who does too. This is what really drive us; a clear and prosperous future.

Tong Sja Lau HRM Contact Marjolein Overbosch


DMT Clear Gas Solutions
19125 SW 125th Ct, Tualatin
97062, USA
+1 503 379 0147 

Students at DMT

DMT works together with universities all over the world, in the fields of technique and international marketing. DMT has around 8 students during every half a year, from all kinds of nationalities. They all work on an individual project, together with our department Research and Development. We offer the students housing and a student fee. But most of all, we offer them to be part of a fast growing company who wants to be leading in innovation for clean solutions.

At the first intake we discussed the subject for my research. DMT-ET wants to expend their business to Asia and starting in Malaysia. My supervisor told me that he wanted me to join him in a ”fact finding mission” to Malaysia. It was an amazing start of my internship and gave me a lot of insights and contacts to start the research. After a few months of research I had written my bachelor thesis and presented it to the director and supervisor. After my internship they asked me to work for another three months at DMT-ET. DMT is still developing the Malaysian market but they took my report seriously and used it to expand DMT-ET in Asia. For me it was a great ten months at DMT-ET. I learned a lot from great people in the office and they gave me the freedom, responsibility and trust to deliver the reports on my own way. That’s something I really appreciate. I can only say one more thing: if you get the chance to apply for a marketing or other internship JUST DO IT, you will never regret it! Martijn Breen

It led me to working on biogas upgrading, a field in which I had basically no knowledge. My mission was to reduce the capital expenditure of the Carborex®MS, an installation treating and enriching the biogas in methane. Thereby I made simulations on specific software and I collaborated in the development of Matlab model. I also studied the market, its potential and the different competitors. From a personal point of view, this internship encourages me to keep working in the field of biogas, whatever the field, production or biogas treatment. I really appreciated my work by its diversity, not only restricted to a scientific part. I learnt a lot about the market, the technologies but I also learnt to keep a critical eye on the information and results that I found, especially by simulations. It was a formidable human experience, professionally and personally enriching. All the interns work in the same office, and if you are lucky, you could live in Rohel, Friesland (NL) with others interns. The work atmosphere was really motivating, friendly and people very helpful. My only advice: apply to do your internship here!!! Gaël Dupré.

However, I can now assure that this was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! The project I worked on was based on finding the most promising markets for hydrogen for the upcoming years, particularly in Europe, as well as sustainable technologies available to produce it. The amount of knowledge I acquired during my time at DMT was unmeasurable, since I was not only supported by the R&D department, but also by the Marketing team, as well as from every other worker at the company. I had three supervisors during my internship period, who were closely guiding me and helping me find the tools to solve any problem or doubt I could have throughout the way. Furthermore, having the opportunity of attending a very important congress in Sweden focused on advanced biofuels and their latest uses in the transport sector, as well as the opening ceremony of the first hydrogen refueling station in Stockholm, gave me the chance to obtain even more information directly from experts, which helped me a lot with the development of my project. I would definitely recommend all students from any country of the world who are interested on having a one-of- a-kind internship experience abroad to choose DMT! I guarantee that you won’t regret it, since you’ll have the opportunity to spend time and share knowledge and experiences with the best kind of people you’ll ever meet!