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Biogas Industry Events

Our sales and marketing team attends biogas industry events and conferences all over North America. Got a question? Come meet the team.

  • Sept 29-30, 2021

    RNG Works

  • Nov 9-10, 2021

    Value of Biogas, West

  • Dec 13-16, 2021

    RNG Conference

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Missy Lee, Marketing Manager

Missy Lee, Marketing Manager

Missy Lee is our experienced, analytically-driven Marketing Manager with more than 8 years of marketing experience. As a sales-minded, action-oriented leader, you will see her at our industry conferences alongside sales. Missy oversees all external communication with our clients, partners, vendors and associations. She sits on the Consumer Access & Outreach Advisory Board for the RNG Coalition as well as leads our DEIB Committee.

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