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What is biogas?

Biogas is a mixture of gases produced by the breakdown of organic matter– primarily methane (CH₄), carbon dioxide (CO₂), hydrogen sulfide (H₂S), water vapor, and other trace compounds (e.g., siloxanes).

Biogas relies on anaerobic digestion, a fermentation process where anaerobic bacteria, or bacteria that lives without the presence of oxygen, digests and breakdowns biomass, thereby producing biogas.

When biogas upgrading into renewable naturgal gas (RNG), H₂S removal, or desulfurization, is a necessary step. H₂S has health and safety risks, increases mechanical corrosion and contributes to SOx emissions.

How is hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) removed from biogas?

H₂S removal technologies from biogas fall into one of the following: through absorption media, biological desulfurization, chemical desulfurization, or a combination of both biological and chemical desulfurization.

DMT Clear Gas Solutions offers a wide portfolio for gas desulfurization depending on the H₂S inlet concentration:

Bio-Trickling Filter
Biological Regeneration
Chemical Reaction

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