Green Gas from Cumbrian Cheese

Project: Aspatria, United Kingdom
Carborex®MS 1000
Feedstock: Biogas from cheese production
Upgrading 1000 Nm³/h
Product: Gas to grid injection

Here, around Aspatria, Cumbrian Cheese is well known. The waste of the production is digested to biogas and upgraded to renewable natural gas (RNG) with a Carborex®MS system, where it will be distributed to households in Aspatria. Interestingly, it will also become fuel for a local supermarket, Sainbury’s, who plans to use the sustainable, fossil-free energy for their trucks. Such a plan requires liquefaction of RNG, which is also provided by DMT technology, creating a circular economy around the well-known Cumbrian Cheese production in the United Kingdom.

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Food and Beverages

Food waste, in general, has a high energy density. This results in high yields when producing biogas through anaerobic digestion. Biogas is a very flexible energy product with proven capabilities in the power, transportation, and heat sectors. In the food sector, anaerobic digestion offers significant cost advantages over traditional disposal methods. By upgrading the biogas into natural gas using a DMT Environmental Technology system, a solid business case with an interesting return on investment is assured.