DMT Environmental Technology, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Palm oil waste produces gas for boilers

POME, waste from palm oil production

Sustainable energy from Biomass residue can be a valuable source of income for plaintation and mill owners. The feedstock especialle from palm oil mill effluent (POME) can easily be fermented from which Biogas is produced. After aenerobic digestion the biogas can be upgraded by a Carborex® MS system, to produce biomethane. Biomethane can be injected in the gasgrid, but with an extra technology added it can be compressed to Bio-CNG as vehicle fuel or even Bio-LNG. As such, it can be an easy and reliable source of income for companies that are already succesful in the palm oil sector.

Biogas Upgrading and liquefaction
Project: Different projects, in process, pre-engineering and contracting
Feedstock: POME, waste from palm oil production
Carborex® MS, Carborex® CNG
Product: Green gas for boilers on the plantations, or vehicle fuel for trucks