Aspatria, United Kingdom

Biogas from cheese production

Biogas upgrading with a DMT CarborexMS system

Project: Wyke Farms, United Kingdom
Carborex®MS 2000
Feedstock: milk and cheese waste
Upgrading 1000 Nm³/h, Gas to grid injection
Product: Green gas for 6000-8000 households a year

Green gas to grid injection

Here in Wyke Farms in Sommerset, United Kingdom, the waste of cheese and milk production is digested and upgraded to green gas with a CarborexMS system. The green gas (pure natural biomethane) is distributed to households in the remote rural area. The installation provides gas for 6000 to 8000 households every year, making sure that heating and cooking in these houses is sustainable and fossil free. United Kingdom has already built 11 biogas upgrading facilities with DMT, thanks to their ‘Greener for Life’ program that makes the building of more facilities possible.

Biogas upgrading 1000 Nm³/h